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Nike Dunk Low NH “Cacao Wow” Releases in 2022

Crazy colorways seem to be the trend in sneakers lately, and Nike is not ones to disappoint. The latest Nike Dunk Low sneaker on the market is the Nike Dunk Low ‘Cacao Wow’. The shoe is a beautiful chocolate brown with hits of green throughout. If you’re looking for a show-stopping sneaker, this is it! For a quick introduction of the shoe, refer to Nike’s PR below,
During uncertain times, a freeing, more down-to-earth aesthetic can feel like a splash of cold water to the face. Enter the Dunk Low ‘Jade’, which covers your feet with refreshingly natural and optimistic colors like Rough Green, Cacao Wow and Marina. Leather and suede overlays are secured with heavier stitching, bringing textures to the sneaker you won’t want to stop touching. As a final touch, the faux-Jade jewels on this Dunk Low are removable, letting you wear the good luck and friendship that Jade attracts either on your kicks or on your wrist as a bracelet.
If you’re looking to purchase a pair of the Cacao Dunk Low, refer to the details below

Where To Buy The Nike Dunk Low NH Cacao Wow

Nike Dunk Low NH “Cacao Wow”
Color: Cacao Wow/Marina-Rough Green-Pilgrim
Style Code: DR0159-200
Release Date: 2022

Nike Dunk Low NH Cacao Wow: Resale Value

The chart gives us a summary of the average sale price of the shoe since June 7,2022. Based on the records, prices tend to lie within the $116 to $120 interval. The last two days have seen no changes at all, the current resale value is about $119. But let’s go a bit further and see what the five number summary reveals.
Minimum: 95
Quartile Q1: 112
Median: 120.5
Quartile Q3: 132
Maximum: 168
The lowest sale recorded thus far is $95 (size 7), while the highest was $168 ( size 11). But the size 11 has since gone down to $108. 53% of the shoes sold for prices between $108 and $125, while 8% sold for values from $95 to $108. 22% sold for prices from $125 to $134 and the remaining 17% sold for prices from $134 o $168. $167 and $16 were considered outliers, that is very important for our projections. It is definitely safe to say that the average sale price will be about $123, resulting in a $5 loss. This isn’t a Nike Releases Dates 2022 shoe I would recommend. If you want to see how most sizes are performing, refer to the chart below.

9 out 14 of the sales resulted in losses ( that is 64%), while 36% led to earnings $25 an under. The only sizes that might be really worth reselling might be the 14 and the 15. But in all honesty, I wouldn’t recommend buying this shoe at all for resale purposes.

The Cacao Dunk Low is definitely a great looking shoe with incredible craftsmanship, but as far as resale is concerned, I wouldn’t recommend it. However, this is good news for buyers who’ll probably be able to snatch a pair for retail or even under. Leave your further queries in the comment section below.

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