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Air Jordan 4 WMNS Canvas Releases in Summer 2022

The Air Jordan 4 Canvas might be a no-no for some traditionalists. The women’s exclusive sneaker is unlike most 4’s we’ve seen in the past, featuring a canvas upper instead of the traditional leather. The Women Air Jordan 4 shoe is dressed in a Sail, Cement Grey, and Fire Red color scheme, with hits of paint splatter graphics throughout the outsole. With summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to rock a pair of textile kicks. Whether you’re a fan of the upper or not, there’s no denying that this is a dope shoe. For purchase purposes, refer to the details below

Where To Buy The Air Jordan 4 Canvas
Air Jordan 4 WMNS “Canvas”
Color: Sail/Sail-Cement Grey-Fire Red
Style Code: DQ4909-100
Release Date: Summer 2022
Price: $200

Air Jordan 4 Blank Canvas Resale Value

Based on the chart above, the shoe has a positive trend. The average sale price has increased by roughly $5 every day since June 10, 2022. There’s a model breakdown though on the 13th, the resale value was $255. Usually one of the major factor that affects prices is sizing. So let’s find our five number summary for better insights.

Minimum: 200
Quartile Q1: 232
Median: 256
Quartile Q3: 301
Maximum: 339
You can clearly see that the lowest the shoe sold for was $200 ( size 9w), while the highest sale recorded was $339 (size 11.5w). This is a size to keep in mind if you’re looking for homeruns. 1/4 of the sales recorded were between $200 and $232 ( 6 size 10w, 2 size 11w, a size 5w, 2 size 6w, a size 5.5w, 3 size 7.5w,2 size 7w, 3 8w, 1 8.5w, an a 9.5w). Half of the shoes sold for prices from $232 to $301. And the top 25% sales were between $301 and $339. The graph that will follow will give you a breakdown of the earnings per size sold ( with the sale price attached). I’m also going to add the following observations. Size 10.5w has relatively decreased by $3 with time. But the latest sale recorded was above $300 ( a bit volatile). Size 10w has increased with time on the other hand. No outliers were recorded, so the distribution is pretty normal, and the overall average resale value is $266, for a +$9 return and a 4% mark up. Compared to most Jordan 4’s , this is very weak.


I wouldn’t recommend reselling the Jordan 4 Canvas unless you get a size 11.5w or 12w. Even with those sizes, there is a good chance that the current prices will fall. 40% of the pairs sold result in significant losses, while 33% result in earnings of less than $10.

Do not resell this colorway unless you can get them for less than retail.

I’ve got some questions for you to mull over. How do you think the Jordan 4 canvas compares to previous models? Do you think the “canvas” material used on it has anything to do with the low resale value? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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